Comparing yourself to others

Do you often feel caught up with what everyone else is doing? Do you look to others for approval?

Social media can be unhealthy sometimes that we look at others photos on a news-feed and it tends to make us fall into the trap of comparing our self to others. When you think about the life course you have taken and see how far you have come with your own life challenges, it makes you feel silly about how you have fallen into the trap of self comparison and neglected your true self.

Feeling that you need to ‘keep up with the jones’s ‘ is emotionally draining and time consuming. Consumerism and the media has a big part to play in that and the constant bombardment of advertising. As you grow older, you realise that the only opinion that matters is the one you have of yourself and no one else matters. It is nice to get a compliment from time to time from someone important in your life but when we are always looking for others to ‘like’ our life on Facebook or a recent selfie, it makes you feel others approval is important and needed to exist and feel ‘happy’. Life was completely different before social media and the mental health of young people may of been healthier.

I have started to feel I am on my own path in life now and I do not need the validation from others to exist and enjoy my life. It has took me a long time to begin to trust people and trust my own instincts. It has been a constant journey and a battle sometimes to connect with my own feelings and feel the need to go with decisions I have made. I am getting there and I am very proud of myself.




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