Getting social

I enjoyed a nice and relaxing afternoon at our local monthly craft and social event run by the charity, Made In Haslingden. It was nice to sit and chat, enjoy a brew and have some time out!

We have lots of places to meet new people here in Haslingden. To find out more, please visit:




Leap into action!

I have been involved in various mental health research patient and public involvement group for about 5 years now. Yesterday I had a great day with others service users, carers and research professionals, coordinated by the McPin Foundation.


L.E.A.P (lived experience advisory panels) are a good way of developing your confidence, meeting new people and becoming more involved in research that can help change and improve mental health care. I am 100% all for service changes if it can happen. We live in a climate of constant service cuts and worry about services becoming harder to access.

For services to be implemented or changed, evidence is needed by structuring research. This is were experts like us come in who are living with mental health challenges and can really offer a unique perspective on how projects.

I found the courage to venture out over to Lancaster with the help of another member of the team and it has really given me a confidence boost. I would love to travel more……finances permitting! It was a positive experience and the meeting was very well organised.

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